Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) are a revolutionary clean energy technology for direct electricity generation from wastewater, while simultaneously accomplishing highly efficient wastewater treatment. In an MFC, electrochemically-active microbes at the anode oxidize organic matter into CO2, electrons, and protons. Electrons from this oxidation process are transferred to the anodes and move through a circuit to the cathode, where they combine with protons and oxygen to form H2O.

Waste2Watergy’s unique strengths in the field of microbial fuel cells include our novel reactor design, low-cost but highly-efficient separator and electrode materials, and electricity-generating bacteria that are extremely efficient.

The Company

Founded in 2012 by Drs. Hong Liu and Yanzhen Fan, Waste2Watergy is commercializing an innovative microbial fuel cell (MFC) technology developed at Oregon State University for efficient wastewater treatment and  simultaneous renewable electricity generation. The company has received multiple federal and state grants to advance commercialization of its MFC technology.

Our Technology